26 September 2010

Quick tea of vegetables and bread

Quick tea before heading out. Asparagus with bread crumbs and broad-beans. This was just a handful of ciabatta breadcrumbs from the freezer (great way to save stale bread from the bin) fried with thyme and chilli flakes and tipped over some white asparagus and broad-beans done in a griddle.

Then a soup of roast tomatoes and peppers. Roast them in a 50/50 ratio with some garlic and olive oil, blitz and top up with water to a good consistency. Add a pinch of stock and salt and pepper and that's it! Couldn't be easier. Eat with more bread.


  1. I got *well* into asparagus with lemon butter breadcrumbs this year, going to be one of our first starters when the season begins in May. Broad beans make a lovely and seasonal addition, may pinch that!

  2. Hello Shed

    Yeah it's great isn't it? Quite often spy it on offer but then the cheap stuff all seems to be flown in from Peru which is a bit naughty. I love putting breadcrums on stuff, so nice and wicked texture going on! Broad beans and pancetta is nice also. I like the sound of lemon in there too.

  3. PS Thanks for comment! Not too many yet but early days still...

  4. Awesome, love it :-)

    Nothing more satisfying than a good, fast din din that tasted delish!

  5. Thanks Ruari, hope you enjoy the blog (still fairly new).

    Midweek it's nice for something to be quick and tasty I agree.