16 September 2010

Ottolenghi's cauliflower with tahini

Quick, easy and cheap salad that would be nice with pitta and bulgar/feta salad for a whole meal. Check the recipe.

I didn't have yoghurt for the dressing so used a little olive oil instead to thin the tahini and it worked fine. To this I added lime instead of the specified lemon, plus chopped garlic, parsley and salt and pepper. The dressing is fairly forgiving and I did it by eye. The key is to get something sweet and nutty but citrusy from the molasses, tahini and lemon/lime respectively. You then just chuck the fried cauli and sections of spring onion in with the dressing and give it a taste. I put a small amount of raw spring onions in too for texture.



  1. Double Yum, serious favourite.
    Think should try lightly frying garlic (or roasting, mmmmmm!) for less offensive version ;-)

  2. Thanks for the comment Rose, it is indeed a delightful recipe.