10 August 2011

Potato and stilton frittata

As we have seen frittatas are the ultimate fridge-clearers and most forgiving of evening meals. Fry pretty much anything in the fridge, pour over some whisked eggs and cook on the hob. Finish with a few minute's flash under the grill to brown things.

  • eggs
  • stilton or other blue cheese
  • carrots and potatoes

Add the stilton right at the end - if you add it too early it will all melt away and you will lost the mini molten-cheese pocket effect.

Ice-cream with sauce of maple syrup and Stoli in 2:1 ratio for pudding. This combination is sublime and I suggest you try it.


  1. Love your potato dish. Looks delicious....mmmm. I'm going to have potatoes also for dinner later....southern fried way.

  2. Thanks MaryMoh. Potatoes are great in their versatility.