27 May 2011

Food and Drink in Chengdu

I can't believe I only just uncovered a whole blog dedicated to eating in Szechuan's capital Chengdu.

It's great! I'm currently in a deep and profound reverie reading the posts and looking at the food. Some interesting stuff mentioned, including pig's brains, stewed goat, pumpkin congee and hot and numbing potatoes.

I love that you can get a hot and numbing burger in McDonald's and who can resist a restaurant with a slogan of Eat fatty beef every day || Women more beautiful || Men more healthy and strong.


  1. Awesome! I'm going there in a couple of weeks, so this is very timely - thanks for uncovering!

  2. Damn, I'm very jealous! I've got loads of ideas from that blog, it's really comprehensive and tons of stuff that looks do-abole at home with a bit of thought. You just on hols? Make sure you take lots of pix of food.