6 December 2010

Terrine mishap

I remember exactly the point at which trotters at Theobold's stopped being 50p each. I asked for four to stick in the freezer and when the guy came back from downstairs with a fat bag of pig feet and started to weigh it I knew something was up. They ended up being about seven rather than two quid. Perhaps this marked the end of the offal honeymoon? Theobold's is still a fantastic butcher though and the trotters were huge. Having been deeply frozen in my possession for a while now one thing seemed like sense - ham hock terrine.

First problem was that the butcher (a different one) didn't have any ham hocks (he claimed that suppliers are meanly stockpiling them in anticipation of heightened xmas prices). He suggested I buy one of his gammon joints and rely upon the trotters at home to set the mix. This lead to the other problem - the terrine failed miserably and ended up looking like the prototype of some new premium product aimed at the pampered dog market.

I made a standard stock with the trotter. After a thorough boil the mix was strained and reduced. The gammon was cooked and the cubes put into the mix to cool and solidify.

The pieces looked nice and meaty here.

It still looks ok-ish if you like your pig in chunks and suspended in cloudy meat jelly.

But now see - collapse. And it looks 'orrible.

This mess is now frozen but stayed tuned for details of the rescue mission. I'm thinking of pork, leek and mustard fried potato-cakes and maybe an English type risotto with barley and more leeks to repair the damage.


  1. Oh dear indeed! Naughty mean nasty butchers stealing all the trotters! This is a hilarious post, though I do feel very mean laughing at your misfortune because this is the sort of thing that would happen to me and I'd probably burst into tears. Can't wait to hear what happens on the recovery mission...

  2. How long did you boil the trotters for? If it was a good 3 or so hours it should produce a pretty sturdy jelly...

  3. KitchenMaid - a disaster befalls us all every now and then! Got to just learn for next time I guess... I'm not too fussed as think can make some nice to repair the damage. Thank for reading as ever.

    Lizzie, maybe they didn't have quite long enough. I think they had more like 2 1/4 or 2 1/2. I guess normally with the hocks they get the added gelatine and collagen from the joint which also helps. Ah well, will nail it next time!