1 November 2010

Green bean chutney

Upon reading Nigel Slater's recipe for runner bean chutney with an abundance of green beans in the fridge and empty jam jars piling up in the cupboards it seemed like a good shout for a bit of mid-week preserving.

From my limited experience in chutney making it seems that as long as the main ingredient is accompanied by vinegar, sugar and spices you can't really go wrong. So after top and tailing the beans I fried an onion and added the spices suggested as well as some star anise and chilli.

In the spirit of keeping things simple I didn't bother cooking the beans separately but rather chucked them into the main pan to cook. I also omitted the cornflour. After another ten minutes or so I checked a couple of beans to ensure they still had the necessary squeak and bottled the stuff.

I think I was fairly liberal with the spicing and vinegar pouring so the chutney is pretty strong stuff. A bit too stong to eat large amounts of but just the ticket with a bit of cheese and bread. I'm a bit of an amateur when it comes to preserving and chutney making so please give me some ideas if you have made any good ones!


  1. I saw Nigel Slater make this too and wondered what it would be like - somehow the idea of eating beans with bread and cheese seems odd, though I know it is a traditional favourite and appears in several of my books. I'd love to know what it tastes like!
    As you are asking for ideas here are some ... Our two favourite chutneys are both on my site: Beetroot Chutney http://hopeeternalcookbook.wordpress.com/2009/10/30/beetroot-chutney/
    has had lots of hits recently (expect it must be because it is the chutney season - I made a batch myself over the weekend) and our No 1 Favourite Tomato Relish http://hopeeternalcookbook.wordpress.com/2010/10/01/tomato-relish/
    which we are never without.
    I hope you like the ideas - do let me know how you get on if you make them!
    'Meanderings through my Cookbook'

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment. I guess it does seem a little odd but the slight crunch/squeek of the beans with the cheese is an excellent match. The beetroot one looks fantastic! I must give that a go, beetroot is so good with cheese and cold meats. I'll be sure to send you a link if I make them!