18 October 2010

Multi vegetable paella

A dish to capitalise on the last warm days, now seemingly, sadly, past. It's a tasty and straight-forward Ottolenghi recipe from his book Plenty.

This dish is jam-packed with veg which sits in a rice mix with the signature Spanish flavours of sherry and smoked paprika.

The generous nature of the meal means it can accommodate most vegetables. I think the inclusion of fennel was excellent.

The black olives are good here. The cherry toms are just allowed to be cooked by the heat of the rice.

Some chorizo was hanging around in the kitchen and the rampant carnivores dining couldn't resist frying a bit to put on top. It was very nice and I think wedges of lemon also make an excellent addition to a fresh and light flavoured dish such as this. They temper the starch of the rice.

The sherry gives a good broad taste to it though I don't think it would miss the suggested saffron terribly.

Apologies for the lack of incisive commentary here: this recipe does what it says on the tin and tastes how it should.

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